iNow sportswear promises quality and performance

We are in daily contact with the production, as our demand for the best quality in all areas is our highest aspiration.

Our demands on production

It is one thing to advertise high quality, to live up to this ambition and to be able to say with a clear conscience that we are fulfilling our promise. Implementing everything in this way is quite another. And precisely here lies a very decisive difference between just saying and doing, namely our own production facility.

With iNOW, a new brand is coming onto the market, so it's more or less a newcomer. However, our profound know-how in the textile market based on decades of experience in sourcing, quality testing, processing, production, sustainability and shipping is the decisive piece of the puzzle to deliver top quality right from the start as if we had already been there for 30 years.

Therefore, it is also clear to us from the beginning that we want to play with open cards, bring our customers closer to the production and communicate the origin of the products.

That's why all of our suppliers have certificates that commit them to strict rules of conduct. They produce according to the guidelines of organisations such as Bluesign and Fairwear.

The effort is enormous, but for us it is of great and priceless value. Checking quality, checking certificates, visiting suppliers to maintain business relationships for a reliable and long-term partnership.

In order for us to implement social, health, safety and environmental standards for workers in our production, we rely on like-minded people on the ground.

Personal contact with production

Our production is in the south of China in the city of Guangzhou. Our production manager speaks six languages fluently, including German. He has grown up in productions and has successfully managed productions with over 240 employees in the past. That is why we are particularly proud to have him on board with us here.

Products made from recycled textiles: Turn old into new!

A large amount of textile waste is generated every year. Many used textiles contain polyester (PET) - a type of material that cannot be broken down by nature. When landfilled as waste, it takes up a lot of space and the pollutants it contains will also pollute the water and soil. When polyester is burnt, it consumes energy such as coal and electricity and it also produces a large number of pollutants such as carbon dioxide. So there are three good reasons for recycling textile waste: Reduce plastic waste, reduce CO2 emissions and save valuable energy.

More sustainability with recycled polyester

Chemical polyester recycling is one of the most advanced technologies in the world. High-quality fibres are created from waste textiles, which are then processed in weaving and dyeing mills and refined into new fibres - creating a perpetual loop, doing good for the environment and making consumers feel good. Polyester recycling technology is revolutionising the concept of circular economy in the man-made fibre industry!

The company that produces our recycled polyester has first-class equipment and thus produces the best quality. Various testing devices and instruments ensure that every thread produced is a high-quality product.

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