The cycling jersey in the right cut

Our Classic and Pro lines offer the right cut for competition-oriented athletes, as well as for clubs and athletes who do not only have performance in mind.


Classic Line

The cuts of our CLASSIC Line products were developed to fit everyone. Whether you are sporty or relaxed, the CLASSIC Line feels comfortable and accompanies you in every endeavour. Whether big or small, old or young, everyone feels comfortable in it.

Pro Line

If you are looking for performance, you should rather go for the PRO Line. The products have a close-fitting cut and are made from very high-quality and ultra-light materials. Perfect for competition-oriented athletes who are out and about in all weather conditions.

What does that mean?

The line is always part of the product name and tells you how the cut is and what conditions we have taken into account when choosing the material. It is always a combination of line, material and the sport for which the product was created.

What do I have to watch out for?

It is always important that you feel comfortable in the products and that they offer you good performance for the sport you are practising.